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The 24news.info is part of SGS College and boasts some of the best sporting facilities in Further Education. We are partnered with both Bristol City, Bristol City WFC, Bristol Rugby, Forrest Green Rovers and the Bristol Flyers. We offer elite level coaching in American Football, Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Female Football, Female Rugby, Football, Golf, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Table Tennis.
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American Football FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the American Football Academy PRIDE

Do you have to be at SGS College to play/train with the PRIDE?

Yes, the Bristol Academy PRIDE is a school team for SGS College, so you must be enrolled on a full-time course with an attendance record of 90% to play/train with the PRIDE.


Do I have to do a specific course, is the American Football itself the course?

Unlike some other sports we do not offer AASE in American Football, therefore the American Football itself is not the course. You can choose from an entire range of courses from GCSE, BTec’s and ALevels up to HND’s and Degrees. SGS College offers pretty much everything. Here is the link for the College website to apply for your course today:


What if I am told my course does not fit in with the American Football Timetable?

This is quite common, especially with some ALevels, dance and drama or trades. Depending upon the course or courses you chose they may overlap slightly with our training times. Many of our students make 3 of 4 training sessions per week when this is the case. Often, as long as the student stays on to his work, there are further compromises made in the lead up to games to allow the student to train more. Our training times are Monday 3-6, Tuesday 4-5:30, Wednesday 3-6 and Friday 10:30-12:30.


What if I live outside Bristol? Maybe even outside of the United Kingdom?

Over 50% of our squad is made up from those outside of Bristol. Some closer to Bristol chose to commute by train, this is the case for some living in Gloucester, Wales and Bath. For those living further away, their only choice it to relocate to Bristol and rent either student accommodation locally or move in with a host family. If looking to rent you should look into your entitlements with regards housing benefits , and search or for places to rent in Filton. For those looking for information on host families, you should Matt Davies in Learner services by phoning 01179 192602. It goes without saying that the College does not take responsibility for any place you choose to rent.


This sounds expensive, how much will this all cost me?

Excluding your rent, meals and transportation to SGS College the following costs will apply. Course fees depend on the course and your age when starting. Once 18 and applying to do a degree you can also apply for a student loan to cover your costs and course fees.

– £250 per Academic Year Facility Fees (covers gym, physio, home games, practice, etc etc). This Fee can be spread monthly via standing order

– £100 one off practice kit pack paid directly to Ridge Sports for 2 jerseys, one pair of pants and 2 sevens vests

– £75-150 one off college uniform. Depending on the items you wish to buy but there is a minimum to make sure you are in uniform on Academy days. This is purchased directly from our shop at Football America UK.

– £100-£150 per foreign or overnight trip. Some of the trips take us to mainland Europe and we spread the cost of this by the number of students going. We try to keep this as cheap as possible. This must be paid in advance of any trips.Many of our students find evening or weekend jobs around their College to help pay for this. With so many large retail parks within walking distance or a short bus ride

Many of our students find evening or weekend jobs around their College timetable to help pay for this. With so many large retail parks within walking distance or a short bus ride to the College, there are always plenty of jobs going.

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